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Steel Division

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Metal Division

We specialise in shredded steel scrap and secondary flat and long steel products.

Long products

a. Secondary Wire Rods and Ropes – Law Carbon, Medium Carbon and High Carbon or Mixed.
b. Secondary Round Bars and Shafts – Assorted or Un-assorted, preferably soft material.
c. Secondary Pipes – ERW Pipes Assorted and Un-assorted Seamless Pipes.
d. Used / Discharged / Scrap Rolls from Rolling Mills up to 27 tonnes on individual weight.

Sheets and Plates 

a. All type of HR Off Cut Sheets and Heavy plates (Assorted/Un-assorted), CR Un-assorted / Assorted Sheets (Soft or Medium hard), Assorted or Un-assorted Galvanized / Electro-galvanized / Alu-zinc / Pre-painted Sheets, separated or mixed in bundles.
b. Cobble plates from 20mm to 50mm.
c. Secondary Con-cast Slabs from 60mm to 120mm in thickness.
d. Tin Plates, Mis-prints etc.
e. HR Side Trimmings, left over plates, cut to size plates etc.

Flat Rolled products:

a. All types of Secondary, Over Rolling, Prime Excess, Rejected, Defective, Coils and Baby Coils:

b. Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled Coils.

c. Galvanized, Electro-Galvanized, Pre-painted, Galvanealled Coils.

d. Aluminized, Alu-Zinc Coils.

e. Tin and Black plates Coils

f. Mixed Coils etc.

Steel Turnings:

Steel turnings consist of machine swarf or turnings that are the bi-product of the ferrous component manufacturing processes.

Shredded Steel Scraps:

Specification – As per ISRI 211 grade

a. Impurities – Maximum 1%

b. Loading in 20 ft HT Container

Tyre Wire:

Extracted steel wire from tyres.

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