Gemini Corporation N.V.

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We deal in all type of glycerine with or without kosher grade quality to low price range glycerine content (pure and less pure) its technical name glycerol. Principally, we do not deal in tallow or animal fat base material.

Crude Glycerine:  

We  supply crude all range Glycerin 60%, 70%, 75%, 80% with salts Sodium chloride – NaCl with or without kosher grade. Our crude glycerin mainly from European countries – Spain, Portugal, Germany etc. and from South America mostly from Argentina Buenos Aires.

We also have availability of other salts like Sodium sulfate –  Na2SO4, Potassium sulfate – K2SO4 as per customers requirements. Our supplied crude glycerin color is brownish towards orange. May be crude glycerin color vary as per feedstock.

Refined Glycerine 99.5% to 99.7% Minimum :

Refined Glycerine is a neutral, sweet-tasting, and colorless with environmentally friendly and glycerin for numerous end-use applications. We supply Refined Glycerine 99.5% Min & Refined Glycerine 99.7% Min ( USP, Kosher, Pharma) Grade of South America and Europe origin.