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Fastmarkets Middle East Iron and Steel Conference 2021, Mr. Vedprakash Lata as a panellist speaker for the panel discussion on Fortress Europe?

7th December 2021

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38th Annual International Conference of The Institute of Chartered Accounts of India (Dubai) Chapter NPIO

26th December 2020

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15th July 2020

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IUC-Asia and A European Union Programme:

Designing Circular Cities in Malaysia Stakeholder Consultation Webinar

 2nd July 2020

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Gemini signed the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and UN Environment Programme’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, joining more than 450 signatories to address plastic waste & pollution at its source.

 25th June 2020


Mr. Surendra Patawari spoke in ‘Insight with the Leaders’ with ElitePluss++ Business Services about the severity of biomedical waste and exponential growth opportunities for India in the Recycling Industry. 

June 2020

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Fortune Magazine: “Why COVID-19 is a wake-up call for sustainability”, interview with Chairman S Patawari of Gemini Corporation NV.

13th June 2020

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World Economic Forum and Global Plastic Action Partnerships Digital Townhall.

Mr. Surendra Patawari spoke in the Green Recovery Session highlighting the effects of COVID-19 on the plastics industry and the options moving forward.

10th June 2020

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Webinar: Waste and Recycling MEA Magazine

Mr. Surendra Patawari was invited as a speaker in the Plastics Recycling Session focussing on the effects of COVID-19 on plastics recycling markets.

4th June 2020

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Gemini Corporation had the honour to welcome the Prime Minister of Flanders, Mr J Jambon.

29th May 2020

Jan Jambon visited Gemini House to learn about the company’s journey to Belgium and how Belgium has played a major role in the company’s growth and success.


Fortune Magazine: “The plastics problem is getting harder to solve”, interview with Chairman S Patawari of Gemini Corporation NV.

27th May 2020

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Gemini Corporation N.V. joins World Economic Forum’s Global Plastic Action Partnership.

25th May 2020

Press release: read the article

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Mr. Surendra Patawari inspired 215 Gemini employees about how best to deal with the challenges faced by the coronavirus in an online seminar.

4th May 2020

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Terapanth Business Connect

Mr. Surendra Patawari spoke to members of the network about developing Gemini Corporation as well as inspiration and values.

3rd May 2020

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Terapanth Professional Forum 

Mr. Surendra Patawari spoke to 325 business leaders about how to face the coronavirus crisis in business and profession.

26th April 2020

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Gemini became partner to the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation.

April 2020

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US Visit Mr S Patawari

March 2020

Report Visit US 2020


India Visit Mr S Patawari

February 2020

Report India visit 2020


Mr. Surendra Patawari received the “IERC 2020 Honorary Award” for his lifetime’s work in Recycling & Circular Economy with significant social impact in India.

 22 January 2020

Surendra Patawari Honoray Award 2020

Press release by the IERC

Article in the Recycling Magazine

Team Gemini meets the Belgian Prime Minister, Sophie Wilmes at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos

21 January 2020

Gemini visit to World Economic Forum Davos 2020

The future of plastic recycling: an interview with Surendra Borad Patawari

 18-November 2019

Article in Reusable packaging News


Article Published in MRAI’s Material Recycling


Bringing about an inclusive revolution


“India is trying to take a little bit more and help paper recycling.” – Mr. Shailesh Gothal of Gemini Corporation N.V. at the 2019 Resource Recycling Conference and Trade Show in New Orleans.

10 September 2019

Experts talk recycled paper realities and forecasts

Article “Performance of Plastic” by Mr S Patawari

Article Published in Waste & Recycling ME_Sep-Oct-2019


Exclusive visit from the Honorable  Indian Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Mr Shri D.V. Sadananda Gowda and the Ambassador of India to Belgium, Luxemburg and the EU, the H.E. Gaitri Issar Kumar.

Monday October 14th 2019


Recycling International “Low prime prices knock embattled secondary markets”

Written by Mr. Surendra Patawari of Gemini Corporation NV

Date: October 7th 2019

Low prime prices knock embattled secondary markets


Article “Performance of Plastic” by Mr S Patawari.

Article in Waste & Recycling ME_ July-August-2019


Alliance To End Plastic Waste ( AEPW)

July 9th 2019 New York USA


Mr Surendra Patawari joins board of the alliance to end plastic waste


27th Polyethylene-Polypropylene Chain Global Technology & Business Forum

25-27 June 2019, Berlin, Germany



Global Plastics Summit 2019

4-6 June 2019  Houston Texas, USA


Global Plastics Summit Houston TX ,USA


Circular Economy affiliate, Sigma Recycling Inc Awarded the President’s “E” Award

May 23rd 2019




May 2019

 ISRI Convention & Exposition 2019

9th of April 2019 Los Angeles CA, USA

 ISRI Video Mr Surendra Patawari

ISRI video Ms K Patawari

7th Middle East & North Africa Billet & Flats Conference

24 – 29 April 2019

Our Chairman, Mr. Surendra Patawari’s speech at 6 th MRAI International: Indian Material Recycling Conference at Kochi, India

February 2019

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Roger H. Brown President of Berklee College of Music USA has shared a video showcasing Kanika Patawari’s “Music Recycling” Initiative.
Kanika is a Berklee alumna and her family is sharing the message of a cleaner and greener world via music! This is something we can all help make happen.

December, 2018

Volunteering at Hof Ter Schelde Linkeroever institute for elderly and mentally disabled people who had a serious accident.

November, 2018

Contribution towards Katrinahof, Belgium to support specially-abled children.

November, 2018

Middle East Waste and Recycling Awards

24 October 2018 Dubai

BIR London United Kingdom

5 -7 October 2018

EU Circular Economy Mission in New Delhi.

September, 2018

One of the speakers was Mr.Surendra Patawari, Chairman Gemini Corporation.
Networking hosted and led by Mr.Karmenu Vella, EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

MRAI New Delhi India

6 August 2018

Gemini Corporation has been saving the planet for 29 years

28 June 2018

Rediff Article by Mr Ved Prakash

BVSE Bad Neuneahr Germany

 13 June, 2018

YourStory: Gemini Corporation – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

June, 2018

This Belgium-based Rajasthani entrepreneur lives by one mantra: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

BIR Barcelona Spain

28 May, 2018

Mr Ved Prakash, Director Steel Division, was invited as a guest lecturer at Thomas More University of Belgium.

May, 2018

India: An emerging superpower.

Mr Ved Prakash, Director Steel Division, at the Global Liner Shipping Conference, 2018 held in Hamburg, Germany. He was one of the guest speakers of the event and shared his views on the digitization of shipping.

May, 2018

Digital Shipping – Revolution, (Slow) Evolution or Pipe Dream?

ISRI Las Vegas

18 April, 2018
Venue: Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas

MusicRecycle meeting & reception held by Gemini at the ISRI2018 Convention and Exposition

Our world has little to no idea of how much we as individuals can make a difference. Through the use of celebrities willing to carry the flag for environmental responsibility, industry strength, and association expertise in government and public awareness, the possibilities to make real change in our world could be endless.

          ISRI Invitation

BMR Dubai

10 March, 2018

Tyre Recovery Association “ Forum Day”

07 March, 2018
Venue:Belfry Resort, Sutton Coldfield -United Kingdom

Mr Arihant Singhi was invited as Key Note Speaker to talk about the  Global Perspective on the future of Tyre Recycling

Metals Recycling Association of India’s (MRAI) International Indian Metal Recycling Conference

Date: Jan 2018
Venue:Hotel Grand Hyatt, GOA, INDIA


Day, July 21st 2017 (Friday)
Venue: The Gateway Hotel, Visakhapatnam, A.P., India

Presentation by Mr. Ved Prakash , Director – Commercial, Gemini Corporation N.V., Belgium – International Scrap Market Dynamics

Metal Expert: Interview with V Prakash Lata ( director Steel division)

“Turkey is too dominant in MENA for scrap and no one can compete with it”

(read full article)

3rd MENA Billet & Steelmaking Raw Materials Conference

Day 1, April 11 2017 (Tuesday)
16:00 – 17:30 Session 4: Raw Materials and Metallics Market

Presentation by Mr. Ved Prakash , Director – Commercial, Gemini Corporation N.V., Belgium – International Scrap Market Dynamics

Gemini 2016 Event “Market of Wonders” receives Silver medal on the 2017 BEA Awards

April 20th 2017.

Award received by Mr. Yogesh Pareek

Mice Magazine - Winners are known

Metals Recycling Association of India’s (MRAI) annual conference in Jaipur

Jan 2017

Award received by Mr. Surendra Patawari (CEO)

Published in Recycling International 2017

‘Scrap is nothing to be ashamed of,’ declared Gemini Corporation founder Surendra Patawari most passionately at the Metals Recycling Association of India. (read full story)


 Mr. Surendra Patawari (CEO)

Published in NRI Achievers December 19th 2016

With mankind today desperately seeking a viable and sustainable blueprint for the future, one of the spotlights is currently on managing the monumental quantum of ‘waste’ generated by human society that has been rapidly industrialising for the past two centuries.  ‘Waste management’ has thus become one of the key catchphrases of late, on which the very future of healthy living for humankind and its myriad co-travellers on this blue marble of our planet pivots upon.  It was indeed time we looked upon ways and means of utilising our accumulated ‘trash’ as a rather ‘un-natural’ resource.  Drivers for this are diminishing resources, environmental fallouts of new products and ‘green’ legislation, particularly in the automotive, electronic and packaging sectors.  Findling value in human-created materials like end-of-life plastics, some pioneers have evolved a global trade in such materials in recent years.   One such global enterprise trading in recycled plastics is Gemini Corporation.  It’s founder and President, Surendra Patawari, an Indian, is a leading figure in solid-waste management. NRI Achievers profiles him, his inspirational work and his personality facets in Dossier this issue … (read full article)

The 2016 Recycling Confex Middle East was held on 5-6 December at the Hyatt Regency Dubai.

Attended by Mr. Surendra Patawari (CEO)

Mr. Ved Prakash (Director – Steel Division)
was invited as a speaker

Policymakers are convinced more plastic can be recycled, but the public has been slower to come around.(read full story)

Mixed signals in recycled plastics markets

November 9th 2016

The direction of markets for secondary plastics is hard to discern.

In Recycling Today Global Edition

Policy changes needed to boost plastics sector

28 October 2016

BIR Meeting Amsterdam 

Read full story

Global Scrap – Trade, Volatility & View

Jun 2016 

Interview of

Mr. Ved Prakash (Director – Steel Division)

Published in Steel360 India Magazine, June 2016 Edition.

Steel 360 gathered inputs on price, import and export of global scrap business from Mr Ved Prakash, Director, Steel Division, Gemini Corporation NV, Belgium

Gemini Event ” Market of Wonders”

May 2016 

Watch the video


9th steel scrap conference – 2015

Steel and raw materials conference – 2015

Metal export conference – 2015

Euro Finance – 2015

Plastics Mirror Magazine Article – 2015

Surendra Borad Patawari – Convener Anuvrat Int. Conference Delhi

25 September 2014