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1:Name of the Organization:
2:Name of the Person In charge:
4:Contact Details:
6:Address of Corporate Office:
7:Major Client List:
1: Tenure of your Establishment:
2: What is the Manpower Strength of your organization in India.
3: Please mention the revenue of your organization in India for the Financial Year 2018-19 in crores
4: Will you relinquish the client incase you require to do a lot of follow up with them for taking the feedback or reply on time for shortlisting of profiles suggested by you and subsequently the interview?
4 a) If No, how will you ensure that you get things moving on and deliver on your targets?
5: Are you ready to work completely on success basis (without retainer ship amount) if we double the commission that you charge?
6: Please mention the recruitment percentage/commission for the below mentioned profiles.
a) Junior Level Profiles %
b) Middle Level Profiles %
c) Senior Level Profiles %
7: Can you source candidates from specific regions in India for leadership profiles?
8: Are you ready to work onsite?
9: What are your sources of getting candidates apart from the generally used ones - Naukri, Monster, LinkedIn, iimjobs etc.
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10: What is your modus operandi for getting candidates who are not actively looking for a job change but are very good in their role?
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11: What additional support can you provide along with recruitment?
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