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Social Responsibility

Gemini Corporation N.V.

“Thank you for giving my dad eight extra years to live after his heart attack. I had the chance to take photos and memories, that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.” (testimony of a young daughter)
As a company dealing in recyclable products, Gemini Corporation places extreme importance on compliance with all environmental regulations and procedures.
We are aware of the detrimental effects on the environment that can be caused by any negligence. Therefore, we believe in full cooperation with the environmental regulatory authorities.
Apart from its business activities and cooperation with authorities, Gemini Corporation recognizes and wholeheartedly accepts its responsibility towards society. As a result of this, part of the company’s profit is dedicated to activities which promote welfare of the society.
Gemini Corporation is actively involved in projects which provides education & health aid, improve infrastructure and promote culture and environment. The founder of Gemini Corporation, Mr. Surendra Patawari, has been recognized for his efforts in these areas by various authorities including the former Guru of the Jain Swetamber Terapanth community: Acharya Shri Mahapragya.

Below are some of the activities Gemini Corporation initiated and continues to support.