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Coronavirus Support


Helping communities

a) As part of the coronavirus response in India, Gemini provided essential funding to a number of organisations including the Prime Minister’s Fund, the Gram Panchayat Momasar and 6 NGO’s in Bengaluru and Navi Mumbai. The donations went towards disaster relief/management of the following:

  • Distribution of 6,000 free hand sanitisers and disposable face masks 
  • Sanitisation of streets 
  • Three vehicles provided for any medical emergency services 
  • Underprivileged patients provided free medicines 
  • School fees for 1000 underprivileged students 

b) Other assistance provided were monetary donations to the Jain Culture Centre in Antwerp, for relief in Belgium and to Jain Vishwa Bharti London Organisation for relief in UK as well as financial help in Portugal.

c) We were also the first company to distribute food and sanitising materials to 150 labour families living in a village of East Nepal.

Supporting local artists

To show our support to local musicians struggling to make ends meet during the coronavirus pandemic, Gemini provided much needed food to 200 Rajasthani folk artists spread across 35 villages. Previously these artists had relied on income from converts to buy their food. 

Protecting Migrant families:

Gemini took care of 200 migrants and their children who were discovered in a local village that we support. They had been left midway on their journey home and were taken in and looked after by one of our local contacts. They were given hygiene packs and basic food and the school where they stayed was disinfected and sanitised.