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About Us

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Celebrating 30+ years of Trust, Integrity and Commitment

A strong advocate for sustainable recycling, we at Gemini Corporation believe there is no such thing as waste. With our dedicated goal of protecting Mother Earth, we have been innovating ingenious ways to recycle waste over the last three decades.

As one of the world’s leading circular economy market makers, our workforce of 500 highly trained professionals annually gives a second life to 2 million tonnes of recyclable materials across 75+ countries. In addition to plastics, our expanded portfolio in recent times facilitates us to provide a fresh lease of life to metals, rubber, paper and wood.

Our dynamic organization lays utmost importance on its business ethics and has created a niche for itself for offering top-of-the-line services to all its customers worldwide.

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  • Our Mission

While most organizations seek a purpose, we were born with one: to make the world a better place. Our vision is to leverage our global network and centralized solutions to function as a preamble for a future-focused, sustainable-minded society that is conscious of the limited planetary resources available to us.

We visualize a world characterized by futuristic environmental management, where products like plastic, rubber, paper, metal and wood are easily repaired, remanufactured, repurposed, upgraded, and at the end of the final use-cycle can be reprocessed into new materials.

With our extensive experience in planet-positive solutions, our mission stems from our commitment to sustainability and dedication to develop worthwhile uses from end-of-life, harmful substances.

Fully complying with the standards stipulated by the environmental authorities across the world, we endeavour to create a world where toxicity is a forgotten word and new materials are created with addition of use-cycles already factored into the innovation process. All in all, we strive to create a beautiful planet where equal space and respect is given for all forms of life on Mother Earth.

Dedicated to giving back to society, we are hyper-focused to bring about a positive change in all aspects of life including culture, health, education, environment, rural development and much more.

  • Mobilizing the entire value chain in both the developed and developing countries to bring in the much-needed circularity of waste.
  • Providing training and developmental activities for every stakeholder involved in this value chain, in a bid to create a successful model of circular economy.
  • The proactive customer-centric focus of our business based on our philosophy of considering the entire world as a small village where we effectively tackle the issue of trading waste across borders. We are striving tirelessly to ensure fair distribution of resources at every level of the value chain and the availability of feedstock even in regions that do not have it at the optimum level.
  • Our expertise in multi-modal logistics facilitates us to provide high-quality, timely service at the most affordable pricing to our vast, globalized network.
  • The solutions we implement are based on best practices, compliance and traceability.
  • Our collaborative approach to finding and implementing effective solutions for the betterment of the environment and the society on the whole.