GemCorp Recycling

Gemcorp Recycling & Technologies Private Limited is the subsidiary of Gemini Corporation N.V

Established in 2019 in India, Gemcorp seeks to strengthen the plastic recycling ecosystem in a fair and equitable way with a strong focus on efficient logistics, provision of finance for working capital, upliftment, education, and on-ground action. Through this noble project, we aim to facilitate the recycling of more than 50,000 tonnes of plastic by the year 2025.

Investor in value chains

We strengthen value chains through machinery, infrastructure & financial support.

Supply chain experts

End-to-end transparency & traceability to ensure businesses meet EPR compliance.

Collection services

Gemcorp is contracted with small aggregators to big industries for waste collection.

Responsible recycler

All waste collected is recycled at our premises or through PCB certified recyclers.

Social upliftment

Uplifting at least 5 families, involved in waste collection and segregation, every week.

Modus Operandi

The idea was conceptualized in 2018 for providing proper infrastructure to the collectors and aggregators of waste to make their logistics more efficient - increase their volumes of collection and supply. We appreciate that the real problem to achieve Circular Economy is inefficient Logistics and Quality Control rather than Recycling Technology and Capacity.

Brands wanted to know the source of the waste that is generated (traceability) for their Extended Producer's Responsibility (EPR). We started getting all the collectors locations audited by Big4s and started developing state-of-the-art IT systems to trace the entire supply chain. Brands and end-producers wanted to ensure that the working conditions of the waste reclaimers and collectors should be hygienic and safe for ethical sourcing. For this, we made provisions of clean drinking water, safety and sanitation, ban child labour as well as brought them into mainstream by opening their bank accounts and making their government IDs. We have also made provisions of educational resources to engage their children and encourage various skill-developing activities to promote a better future for the community.

We installed free-of-cost baling machines for the informal sector - local collectors (called kabadiwallahs) in the Mumbai metropolitan area with an aim to uplift the lives of 1,000 families of reclaimers (name given to give dignity to waste-pickers) in India whilst also contributing to better collection and recycling of plastic waste. We made provisions of finance for working capital to these suppliers for the increased volume and committed to purchase all the extra material collected. We strongly believe that these reclaimers are the heartbeat of the Circular Economy.

Uplifting the lives of reclaimers

Through this endeavour, Gemini aims to further uplift the lives of reclaimers by providing them with timely wages, ensuring social security and taking care of their families. We started off with around 10 collectors in September 2019 which has now expanded to 25 collectors, thereby uplifting over 100 families in this process. Now, we are targeting more than 400 Baling machines and 60 extruders in India with an aim to uplift at least 1,000 families in this process. Our end-to-end sustainability promise focuses on recognising our heroes of recycling, empowering the workforce, streamlining collection, facilitating on-site processing, standardization of processes and ensuring transparency via digitalization.

Strong impact at the grassroot level

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