Clean Village

Under the aegis of GemCorp India Plastic Free Villages Initiative, we introduced
the unprecedented ‘Village Clean-up Project’ in Momasar, India in 2015

In addition to involving the cleaning up of more than 2,000 tonnes of waste, this movement rewarded us with a far greater sense of happiness: we were able to change the mindset of over 18,000 inhabitants who are now aware of the importance of collection and segregation at the source.

This noble initiative was planned and executed to support the government which lacked adequate resources to clean up such villages. We thereby created this mechanism which entailed the streets to be cleaned up every day. Most importantly, we mobilized the villagers into the initiative to infuse them with the much-needed sense of belonging and pride.

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With collection being the biggest challenge in the Circular Economy Value Chain, we introduced items like the ‘special plastic waste carrier’ in the collection vans wherein the plastic waste is transported to a mini recycling unit. Here, the plastic is segregated according to its type and the shredded parts are set aside for baling in batches. This path-breaking project that is easily scalable as well as operational within weeks has proved to be a great model for governments across the world.

Never an organization to rest on its laurels, Gemini is extending this initiative to 11 other villages to uplift the lives of over 30,000 people with the obvious ultimate motive of making the world a better, and cleaner, place to live in.