Celebrating the Rural Cultural Events – Since 2006

Sponsoring of Cultural Heritage

Gemini promotes various cultural, social and heritage related activities & events in Europe and India. This helped the revival and patronization of the age old traditional carnival of Shekhwati – Ginad – during Holi festival in Momasar, Rajasthan, India. Now over 5000 people regularly participate in the annual event. This has given a fresh lease of life and livelihood to local artists.

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Matru Diwas Celebration 2019

Matru Diwas Event (Indian Tradition to show respect toward our parents and guardians) was organized at Aadarsh Baal Vidya Mandir School in Momasar Village, Rajasthan.

Social Contribution During 2019

Organized a 3-day long carnival having 700 participants and 12,000 visitors during the traditional festival of colors (Holi) in Rajasthan, India.