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Gemini Corporation N.V. is one of the world’s largest circular economy market makers. Since 1989, Gemini has been engaged in worldwide sourcing and distribution of recyclable and reusable plastics, paper, metal and rubber, giving a second life to 1.7 Million Tons of recyclable material. Gemini has its head office in Antwerp, Belgium with a resource base of over ​220 specialists worldwide, operating in 33 offices located in 26 countries with multiple affiliate offices spread over Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Our wide geographical spread and presence in several markets allows us to provide our suppliers with new markets and our customers with new sourcing opportunities. Our team of quality inspectors is trained and developed in-house to ensure our customers receive nothing less than what we commit to deliver.

Our expertise in multi-modal logistics ensures efficient and timely delivery. By partnering with us, the producers of recyclables & second choice/ stock-lot and finished products can concentrate on what they do the best, namely produce. While we will do what we know how to do the best: make the market.

Gemini’s motto is: The whole world is a small village.

The Chairman, Mr. Surendra Patawari is a Winner of several awards i.e. the US President’s “E” Award, IERC Honorary Award, Global Business Leader Award (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) and Global Recycler of the Year (MRAI). The company is also linked to the following organisations:


Gemini believes in giving back and sharing with society. The company has adopted 11 Indian villages for their medical needs. It has also built two schools educating 400 students as well as planting and maintaining a green forest of 100,000 trees in the Indian desert.

The company operates 6 main recycling divisions.

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Apart from its business activities, Gemini Corporation N.V. recognizes and wholeheartedly accepts its responsibilities towards society.

As a result of this, a part of the company’s profit is dedicated to activities which promote welfare of the society.

  Company Highlights

IERC 2020 HONORARY AWARD, Salzburg Austria

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Our Chairman, Mr. Surendra Patawari’s speech at 6 th MRAI International: Indian Material Recycling Conference at Kochi, India

Gemini is winner of the Excellent Enterprise 2012