Mr. Surendra Patawari (CEO)

Published in NRI Achievers December 19th 2016

With mankind today desperately seeking a viable and sustainable blueprint for the future, one of the spotlights is currently on managing the monumental quantum of ‘waste’ generated by human society that has been rapidly industrialising for the past two centuries. ‘Waste management’ has thus become one of the key catchphrases of late, on which the very future of healthy living for humankind and its myriad co-travellers on this blue marble of our planet pivots upon. It was indeed time we looked upon ways and means of utilising our accumulated ‘trash’ as a rather ‘un-natural’ resource. Drivers for this are diminishing resources, environmental fallouts of new products and ‘green’ legislation, particularly in the automotive, electronic and packaging sectors. Findling value in human-created materials like end-of-life plastics, some pioneers have evolved a global trade in such materials in recent years. One such global enterprise trading in recycled plastics is Gemini Corporation. It’s founder and President, Surendra Patawari, an Indian, is a leading figure in solid-waste management. NRI Achievers profiles him, his inspirational work and his personality facets in Dossier this issue … (read full article)