Ninety One Global Leadership Meeting, London, 1st July 2022

Considering our Chairman's vast experience in sustainability and recycling, Mr. Hendrik Du Toit, CEO and founder of Ninety One, invited him to attend the Ninety One Global Leadership Meeting in London on 1 st July 2022.

The CEO, CFO, CIO, and Head of Technology at Ninety One attended the meeting with their teams.

Ninety One is a global asset manager with emerging markets roots and a commitment to developing specialist investment teams, bringing a different perspective to active and sustainable investing.

In his speech, Mr. Patawari emphasized Ninety One's responsibility to hold accountable the companies it invests in to do more about sustainability and recycling.

Mr. Hendrik Du Toit praised our Chairman for aligning his career focus on solving environmental problems rather than opting for a comfortable corporate career.