World’s Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, DAVOS 2023

The World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting was a great start to 2023. It is held in Davos, Switzerland, every year, a place for global leaders, changemakers, billionaires, and the best brains for business for future global trends and ideas.

Mr. Surendra attended the event from 16 - 20 January. He was one of the panellists and speakers and was also on the advisory board at Davos 2023. He stressed on the social impact of recycling and a Just Energy Transformation.

Mr. Kunaal Patawari was a speaker at the closed-door conference 'Europe for the Indian Business Corridor: Catalysing Investments in Sustainable Infrastructure'. He also gave an interview for the #WeCanDolt campaign- We do not have time's Davos Hub.

Checkout the videos for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTb_e9qn-10